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Welcome to the one and only Recorder app you’ll ever need! Enjoy a variety of digital music scores, an exciting game-like practice experience and finally have fun while practicing with your recorder. Boring practice is a thing of the past. Try it now, improve your recorder skills and grow beyond yourself.

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Instant Feedback on Rhythm and Pitch

Interactive Live-Feedback

tonestro listens and analyses instantly while you play your recorder. You’ll see live feedback on rhythm and pitch and you can work on improving your recorder skills right away.

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Large Collection of Sheet Music

Explore our database with over 2000 songs of different genres. Jazz, Classical Music, Etudes: All in one app.

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Large song library with different Genres
Weekly Challenge


Compete with your friends and with recorder players from all over the world: Every week a new theme, every week new songs to challenge each other. Time to prove your recorder skills to the world.

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Made by Musicians

tonestro is developed by experienced instrumentalists and orchestra leaders who have a broad knowledge of different instrument types and their typical characteristics.

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The easy and fun way to master any wind instrument.

tonestro for iOS and Android.

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