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Learn to play the Flute

Welcome to the one and only Flute app you’ll ever need! By downloading it, you’ll be able to not only to practice professionally and become a better flautist but without having to pay a thing! Do you want to play the flute like a Greek God? Do you want to be the best flutist there is without having to leave the borders of your home and to pay for private lessons? Download our app, and let your adventure begin! 


Campaigns & Challenges

Up your level in the Flute Campaign and prove that you have what it takes to raise from an underground player to a legendary flutist.


Interactive Feedback

With our unique and innovative instant feedback feature you can improve your flute skills on the go.


Large Collection of Music

Over 200 flute songs in our database for you to practice. All available in your pocket.

flute-app-levelsMade For Everybody



Learn the basics

Start out slow

Push your way through the campaign

Learn from your mistakes



Try different techniques

Speed up your tempo

Challenge your friends

Choose from your favourite songs



Compete versus the world

Try something new

Push yourself outside your comfort zone

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With over 125 levels the Tonestro flute campaign will help you learn new techniques and push your skills to your limits.


Every week there will be a new challenge. Compete versus people from all over the world. Become the best clarinetist there is!


Nothing better than playing and practicing with your friends. Now you will have this opportunity. Invite your friends and compete with each other.

flute app testimonialsWhat Do People Say?

Do you want to see how the magic is done? We have made a blog post on how our signal processing and algorithm work while you’re rocking the clarinet!

Available next week.

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The easy and fun way to master the flute.

tonestro for iOS and Android.