About us.

We, the team behind tonestro, are young, motivated, and persevering musicians. As people who dedicated their lives in this sphere, we’re fully aware of the limitations which the industry is offering, such as lack of time, resources, or the difficulty to learn by yourself. Therefore, we came up with our idea – tonestro – an application for wind instruments which helps you to learn, improve, have fun, and save time and resources. This project means a lot to us. With this creation, we’re trying to kindle everyone’s love for wind instruments and to show that without music, life is vain and pointless.

tonestro: made in austriatonestro is a high-quality educational app designed in Austria, the capital of Classical music. It’s aiming to encourage musical talents to learn, develop, and have fun in the meanwhile.

Our Goals

tonestro’s goal is to encourage people’s passion for wind instruments, while helping them to improve and have fun in an affordable and time-efficient manner.


The easy and fun way to master any wind instrument.

tonestro for iOS and Android.